[Review] School 2015 : Who Are You



Ummm… I don’t know if it’s counted as a review or not. It’s more like my thought after watched the whole drama…


‘School 2015 Who Are You’ in my opinion…

This drama starts with an exciting story line from Eunbyul and Eunbi, the separated twins. Each episode leads us to know more and the mystery revealed one by one. The two couples that shown in this drama left a strong impression. I learn a lot and get the moral messages, about family, life, school, friends, dreams, and many more things.

Eunbyul with her guilty feeling to Soo In and Eunbi. Eunbi with her bullied story. Yian with his dream to swim although he was injured and his love to his father. Taekwang with his broken family, lack of affection that makes him into a bad boy. Sooyoung with her bad personality because of family’s pressure. Songjoo with her loyality to her friend. Shijin with her unknown dream. Minjoon with his mother obsession. The teacher with his responsibility. And still many more…

I learn that no one was born bad naturally. It’s created from many aspects. It can be family, friends, someone we love, situation, condition, environment, our thought, and any other aspect.










How did this drama have to end like this?






Who are You - School 2015 Episode 16_00070



For me, the most disappointing from this drama was… Eunbyul went abroad and seems like Eunbi take over everything. Eunbyul lost everything and just start new life alone. So, instead because of Yian and Eunbi love story, I was more disappointed because of this. If they just want to make Eunbyul’s role not so important like this, then they shouldn’t set a strong chemistry between her and Yian. No need to shown the beginning scene, their past, and how Eunbyul still taking cares the letters that Yian gave to her. It’s non sense if she said that she didn’t has any feeling for Yian.
And no need to make her appear again in the near end. She shown up again just to give everything to her sister?

This drama was too focused on Eunbi. They should explore Eunbyul’s life more. There are still many unsolved mystery. About her past life, why does she became an ice princess. About her true feeling toward Yian. She just said she might think to herself that actually she liked Yian a lot. Said that she might regret, why doesn’t she know earlier. She shouldn’t said might but being. But I agree when she said, “You were next to me for ten years. Not having you by my side anymore… Even if one day, I’ll feel really sad.”
Yian love Eunbyul for ten years, how did he just leave Eunbyul like this and move on to Eunbi?
Then… About her past with Taekwang, why does Taekwang break her locker? And… When Eunbyul missing, why does she acted like that?

It should be their story, Eunbyul and Eunbi. It would be nice if both of them appear together at the end of the drama. Yeah, if only…








Actually, Eunbyul is my favorite character from the beginning. She is so cool yet so warm, bitchy yet caring, rude yet kind. She is just… How to explain… Ummm anyhow, I like her!




Even this ending is more like an open ending, It still weird how Yian and Eunbi ends up having crush on each other. If they want to make it possible, then they should add more reasonable scenes between them and cut some strong scenes between Eunbi and Taekwang. I was so relieved, at least Taekwang still has a happy scene with his father in the end because if it’s not, it will make his life so pitiful.

Who Are You - School 2015 Episode 2_00063




Instead of forced the ending, they should tell us about the twins more. How Eunbyul found out her twin and how they are in the present. They still can add this scenes if they just let the 2 couples ends up together because they already has the feeling and chemistry.

I really like how something small detail can turn out into very sweet when it comes to them.
How Yian act toward Eunbyul. The cool Eunbyul with the warm Yian.
How Taekwang act toward Eunbi. The energetic Taekwang with the calm Eunbi.
They are really matches because they are different.
The similar scenes between them, my favorite scenes too. When Yian open the bottle cap first before give that to Eunbyul. When Taekwang help Eunbi to take out the crab.
Actually there are many sweet scenes between them, but let share that one, the similar one. kkk~
Is there any man like them in this real world?






Who Are You - School 2015 Episode 14_00044




I like this drama so much. The moral messages, the chemistry between Eunbyul – Yian and between Eunbi – Taekwang, and the OST.

‘School 2015 Who Are You’ is a good drama with a disappointing ending. It makes me think about the tag line in the end of the drama. Thinking that, it’s okay if Eunbyul and Taekwang feel hurts, because they are just 18 years old.




Who Are You School 2015



This is just my opinion.

Feel free to share yours… ^^


credit pictures : to the rightful owner


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