You Tube-ing

I found so much inspiring and great videos lately…

I love their words…

Man : To find you in the vast sea of crowd is the best thing ever happened to me. Today, in this beautiful place, in front of my family and friends, I’m taking you by my hand, and swearing to my heart, this is the most romantic moment ever in my life.

Woman : I want to say that before I met you, I was such a childish girl, and I had never though of being with somebody for a lifetime. It was you that open a new world for me when you came into my life by a beautiful accident.

Woman : Thank you, Early for such a complete happiness you bring me.

Man : From now on, in my journey of life, pleasant or sad, you will always by my side.

Woman : I want you know. For you, for our love, and for our family. I will try my best to be a perfect wife. I love you, my dear husband.

Man : My dear wife, I will always love you till the end of the time. I love you.

This is what he wrote on description box :

Here’s my speech from our wedding 12-5-12. It’s possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life (about the speech, not the wedding!).

I got a load of ideas by watching other speeches on youtube so if there are any future grooms on here in desperate need of inspiration (like I was) then I hope this helps. I’m useless at public speaking so this was my solution!

What should I say? The wedding speech is just too sweet for me. No doubt if I cried during watch that.

He is so creative and adorable, Tom Fletcher from McFly

I know it’s 15 minutes but it’s totally worth it even if you’re not a McFly fan.

Anyone’s here know who’s Tanner Patrick?

If you don’t know him, you should check his channel on YouTube.

I just found out his videos and really, I can’t avoid his charm. Right after watch his video (the first video from him that I watched was Payphone), directly I subscribe his channel, go to Facebook to like his page then go to twitter to follow his account and mention him, of course! ^^



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