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I bet all Cassiopeia in the world is know about the conflict between JYJ and SM Ent, right? Today, I just wanna share what I feel about this and the following related matters thereafter.

It’s been nine years I know them since their debuted and more than five years since I love them and being a Cassiopeia.


Almost all of these are what I already post on my twitter account.


JYJ, SM 전속 계약 분쟁 종료…”상호 제반 활동 간섭하지 않을 것”


[TRANS] 121128 JYJ-SM Come To An Agreement: SM “It Was For The Best”, JYJ “A Battle That Had Already Been Won”

The legal dispute between SM Entertainment and JYJ (Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun) has finally come to an end through an agreement after three years and four months.

According to judicial circles, SM Entertainment and the three members of JYJ came to an agreement on the 28th to settle the termination date of any and all contracts between the two parties as the 31st of July, 2009, the date that JYJ filed their injunction of nullification. Also, it has been found that they have decided to drop all related lawsuits and have signed an agreement stating that they will not interfere with any activities that the other party pursues.

SM Entertainment said, “The trio stated that they have no intention of performing as members of the group ‘TVXQ’, so SM has come to the decision that we no longer have a reason to be in charge of management for the trio. We have come to a mutual agreement to not interfere with the other party’s activities as our paths will not cross in the future, and the lawsuit has come to an end through this agreement. Also, we have come to the decision that the best course of action was to end this lawsuit to ensure that there will be no more additional damages or unnecessary issues that arise because of the lawsuit that may harm U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who are currently active as ‘TVXQ’.”

CEO Baek Chang Joo of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We believed that this was a battle that had already been won three years ago when the courts accepted our injunction. To be honest, we don’t believe that there will be much change to JYJ’s activities after the verdict because the interference of JYJ’s activities isn’t a legal issue, but a battle between David and Goliath.” He also added, “We are currently walking down a path that only JYJ could take, and we will continue to pursue our own activities, as planned,” and “We hope that the success of this agreement will rectify the various limitations placed upon JYJ that used the lawsuit as an excuse, and we would like to once more sincerely thank the domestic and international fans who have given JYJ their unwavering support from the start.”

Source: [Nate News]
Translated & Shared by:
Yeah, the result come out two days ago on November, 28th 2012.

I’m crying read this news… T.T … and … “… I could stand on stage again as ‘TVXQ’ one day.” – Junsu
12:46 PM – 30 Nov 12


[TRANS] 121130 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says, “This Was A Battle Against SM, Not TVXQ”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu recently opened up about his group’s exclusive contract nullification lawsuit.
Kim Junsu met with reporters on the 29th at a hotel in Essen, Germany and when asked about the possibilities of TVXQ getting back together now that JYJ’s lawsuit with their former agency SM Entertainment has ended after three years and four months, he stated, “I lament the fact that I’m not able to introduce myself as a member of TVXQ.” Though it wasn’t a direct answer, it seems as though even he sees the chances of TVXQ getting back together again to be low.
Kim Junsu stated, “I, too, find this situation to be unfortunate because I entered the entertainment industry and started out as a singer through TVXQ,” and “Though the situation is unfortunate and regrettable, the title of ‘TVXQ’ will always remain in my heart and I believe that other people, and not only myself, will remember and never forget the five years that I performed as a member of TVXQ.”
He continued to add, “Nothing will ever be as memorable and fill me with joy than if I could stand on stage again as ‘TVXQ’ one day.”
Kim Junsu didn’t hide his affection for TVXQ as he said, “We were fighting a battle against our company (SM Entertainment) and their unlawful practices; it wasn’t that we wanted to throw away our title of ‘TVXQ’ or leave ‘TVXQ’.”
He feels the same way about the name that introduced him to the world, ‘Xiah’. Kim Junsu stated, “When I perform in musicals, I use my real name of Kim Junsu. Regardless of what name I use, I give people my all to repay them for remembering me and coming to see me. But I started out as ‘Xiah’ and I would like to keep performing under that name as a singer.”
Though Kim Junsu made his debut and became famous as TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu, he has no longer been able to use that stage name since beginning his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.
When he released his first solo album in May, he released it under the name ‘XIA’, which was his name ‘XIAH’ from his TVXQ days without an ‘H’.

Credits: StarMK
Shared & Translated by: Dongbangdata

[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu talks about the end of their legal battle with SM Entertainment

JYJ‘s Junsu discussed his thoughts on the ending of the legal battle with SM Entertainment.

Junsu took part in a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Essen, Germany to mark the ending of his 1st World Tour. He said, “The legal battle lasted for 3 years and 4 months. To be honest, it should have ended earlier… But at the same time I also feel that the results came out suddenly. Having had a hard time for 3 years and 4 months, I felt like that time was not spent in vain… I heard the news when I was leaving for Germany, so I actually don’t know all the details of the settlement.”

He continued, “Because of that, it’s hard to say too much on this. The important thing is that we were able to obtain good results. I haven’t talked to the members yet, but I want to when I get back to Korea.”

When asked about what JYJ has been able to gain from the settlement, he responded, “I’m happy not because we achieved what JYJ or we wanted to achieve, but because we might have helped our hoobaes. I think we helped in making the environment better for our hoobaes. Contracts of 13, 10 years have been changed to basic contracts, and even that alone was consolation during our lonely legal battle. It’swhat kept us going.”

On the issue of appearing on variety shows, he said carefully, “If this type of result allows for us to appear on broadcast, then it should have been possible three years ago when we first filed (to become independent).” He added, “I don’t know if it will be possible for us to appear on variety shows through this result. We always dream about it, but I want to ask all you reporters, do you think we can?“

One unfortunate result of the lawsuit was that there will probably never be a 5-membered TVXQ. On that subject, he said, “A lot of time passed, but one unfortunate fact is that we can no longer have activities under the TVXQ name. We wanted to fight against the company’s unfairness, it wasn’t that we wanted to leave TVXQ. It just had to happen. It’s regretful and saddening. I feel sorry to the fans, but TVXQ’s title will remain forever. But realistically, it’s going to be difficult to promote as TVXQ again.”

Credits: Allkpop
Shared by: DBSKnights
It must be hard for 5 of them. They still want to be together but, like Junsu said, They wanted to fight against the company’s unfairness…
1:19 PM – 30 Nov 12
…it wasn’t that they wanted to leave TVXQ. TVXQ’s title will remain forever. Likewise, Cassiopeia will always accompanying TVXQ. #AKTF ^^♥
1:24 PM – 30 Nov 12
No matter how they called now. Though it TVXQ or JYJ. Cassiopeia will always support five of them. Cassiopeia will always keep the faith. ^^♥
1:49 PM – 30 Nov 12
Cassiopeia will always be with that five bright stars. Because they’re the King & we’re the Queen.
1:54 PM – 30 Nov 12
Five of them, who called… Jung Yun Ho, Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jun Su and Shim Chang Min. Yeah, both of them. Five bright stars.
1:55 PM – 30 Nov 12
Cassiopeia (The Queen)
1:57 PM – 30 Nov 12
I’m not Homin stan or JYJ stan. I just shout out how I feel after read Junsu’s statement and JYJ’s essay long time ago. I do love 5 of them.
2:19 PM – 30 Nov 12
I love five of them when they still together as TVXQ. But if they have different way right now is okay. I’ll always support them. 화이팅! #AKTF
2:24 PM – 30 Nov 12
It’s a lie if I say I don’t wanna see them back together as TVXQ. But their happiness is more important. Whatever their choice I’ll support.
2:33 PM – 30 Nov 12
I’m a Cassiopeia, knowing and loving TVXQ for years. I will always keep my faith for them. I will always support them, no matter what. ^^♥
2:40 PM – 30 Nov 12
So, here they are… The five bright stars who form a ‘W’ shape called Cassiopeia. ^^
4:03 PM – 30 Nov 12
And, this is the essay I read long time ago…

Music Essay Version of YooChun’s Nameless Song:

Have I told you this kind of story before? In 2003, we completed a few months of probation period, and we finished our first task with ease.
In 2004, we were employees of the month, and achieved many best results, but we couldn’t be satisfied with those alone. We weren’t able to endure anymore and we started wishing for more things.
In 2005 we branched overseas, and we thought it would be easy like how it was in Korea.
For our first challenge, we recorded our worst results and from then on, our confidence dropped. A language we couldn’t even speak,
Everyday, we stayed at the place we were living at and our company
They said it was for our own sake and that imprisonment was not an imprisonment.

Extreme loneliness, tears, rage; all of these made us united as one.
Even if anything were to happen by chance, we said that we would not leave each other…

While saying that we would only resemble each other’s good side,
We made up our minds and ran off.

Finally, one day, we achieved the best like how we had earnestly wished for.
We each took our handphones and contacted our family and friends.

That day was approaching,
From then on, everything started turning out well.

Selling tens of thousands of records and winning every award, we felt our results.
Even though tears flowed, it felt like they fell gently.

Because compared to any kind of sadness, we were happy.
Till the end, we do not give up and come running.
Strength greater than any other strength.
As expected, because we were one.

You who have already changed (I can’t always stay there.)
I will turn my back on you first (It wasn’t possible to just keep on crying.)
You, who are going further away from me gradually, I will just call your name. (Please fly me far away to that sky)

Running for a while,
Covered by a huge wall beyond imagination
The thought “Has it always been this dark” remained in my head for a while

Such a thing happened once
Business expenses which were increasing, Debts which kept increasing
Something that I couldn’t handle on my own

This is something our boss said to us in the past
If you need anything, just say it, since we will always be family.

Whatever you need, just say it
Those words gave me courage and I made a phone call to ask for a favour

Though I felt something strange, because he was someone I could rely on,
Because they were a family which would be together with us forever,

I gathered the courage to request the favour, but what I received was just a cold rejection.
Though I was very angry with his reply, I held it in and requested for the favour again.

He hung up.

I couldn’t stop the tears which flowed.
I was in a state of confusion over the thought that they weren’t the family that I had believed they were for that period.

When he needed us, we were family, When we needed him, we were strangers.

It felt that as time went by, more amazing things happened.
Hearing that we had finally created success overseas and achieved results which we never imagined we would,
I entered the office with light steps on our pay day.

We members looked at each other with excited gazes while facing each other.
We praised each other saying that we had worked hard.
But the accounts statement we received at that time recorded that we were at a deficit.

Thinking that I had seen wrongly, I tried verifying again,
Everything were expenses.
Damn, How could that huge amount have been solely used to cover the expenses?
What kind of expenses? Where did that huge sum of money fly to?

I couldn’t believe it at all so I requested that they show me the detailed statement of the accounts which I had never calculated before.
They said they understood and they would show it to me, but in the end, I never saw those pieces of paper and only worked.

As time went by, my curiosity grew.
The more we put our heads together to think about it, the more we got a headache.

Lastly, if I were to say just one more thing,
Those things which we did for the company,
Were they truly meant for the company?

Ok, Let’s just say that they were. We are kind and will overlook it.
For us and the company, who have been together for many years, we will forget it.
Even so, that wasn’t right. Those weren’t words you should be saying to us.

Did you really plan to disappoint us right till the very end?
From the calls I received, you talked behind the team member’s back. It was really hard to trust you.

It was exactly as what the seniors had said. Did you want to keep the people who make money for you?
He said the family which we talked about in the company would make things difficult for us if we were to leave to company.
Those words by that senior could not leave my head.

Though there is more that I want to say, when this song gets out,
There would be someone who would torment us. Thinking of this makes me frustrated and I don’t think I can continue.

In any case, though it is tough, we are working hard to live well.
Despite someone tormenting us, we are working hard to really smile.

This is definitely not an effort which we made just for a product.
This is an effort made because as a human, on the day that I die, I do not want to have any regrets.

Yes, in the end it is JYJ.

Yesterday and Today, though I thought for a whole day,
I am able to feel the difference between then and now at 25, my age.

Now I will put down my pen.
Even so, my heart is at ease.

Because I can feel the fans’ love…
I did it because I thought I would be able to empty the pile of burdens I had in my heart.
Though nothing is easy, I am at ease inside.
We are happy because we have a family which is you fans.
I am always thinking of you all…
I love you.

So, will you be able to believe in us till the end?
Will you be able to say that you love us?
Since we will work hard till forever, will you be able to be at our side.
Since, to us, you are still here,
And to you, we are here.

I promise, I will hang out everything and show it to you.

Yes, we are JYJ.

“You have raised the castle walls and closed the door firmly too.
They say that love is not an imprisonment.
Love is releasing someone to be free.
I don’t even wish for such things.
We, made by you, are not even half of half of half of that,
And will forever be frogs in a well.”
(Excerpt from Musical Mozart)

Though there are still many things I want to talk about,
I will stop here today.

Translated by: christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Source: DCtvxq_gall
Shared by: DBSKnights


[TRANS] 110115 JaeJoong’s Essay “Cats” – A Message for JiJi

Cats really are animals who are able to help people learn.

Sometimes (they) are too lazy, seeming to be like idiots, but when they start moving, they start running to and fro with such enthusiasm.

Cats are enthusiastic and carefree at the same time, there is none which are in the middle! (Cats) don’t seem to like to be in the middle of being enthusiastic and carefree.

(Their) personalities are also very direct; thinking that they are the best in the world. Maybe it’s because of this, that their likes and dislikes are very straightforward.

To be honest, (I) envy these kind of cats. Regarding my emotions, I’m always not able to be direct. If a person is injured, or has been misunderstood by others, if they just had the straighforward personality of cats, in the end they would not leave a bad impression.

Cats don’t seem to like me. No matter how hard I try, if I do not like it, I won’t even look at it. If I were a pet, even if I don’t know if it is detestable, so long as it shows it’s feelings straightforwardly, doesn’t hurt the other party, and also has ways of loving me, I will want to learn from it.

Translation: tvxqhwaiting @

Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Shared by: DBSKnights


From JYJ essay “Our story” by Junsu

Hi, friends,
Will you listen to our story?

We were children with many dreams.
We loved songs so much,
Sang from heart,
Wanted to meet many friends.

Through the days of sweaty practice and white nights in the recording studios,
We had families who suffered together and numerous friends.

Finally, we could see the fruits of our efforts of blood and sweat
With our own eyes and hands.

Worrying our behavior would hurt the family’s heart,
We carefully behaved and followed family’s words unconditionally.

Family always told us.
Don’t look at the world outside and block your ears from the sound heard.
Everything is estrangement, everything is a lie.

And then one day,
So many facts were exposed.
We, still children with grown body, were so confused with the facts,
And could not control ourselves.

In no time we became adults.
We looked at the world even when asked not to look at,
We listened even when asked not to hear.
We grew to the age that can tell what was the lie and what was the truth.

The family we have known till then
Was not the family as we had thought.
Our hearts were bruised and minds got sick.
Could not believe anyone
and changed to a situation that we never imagined.

We gradually realized,
Looking at ourselves who were changing and losing dreams

This is not where we should be.
There should be wider and brighter world.
If there is not, we will make it with our songs.

Out of the fence of the so called the family “who is not the family”
We decided to make a new nest.
A nest that can heal our hurt soul and dream.

We are now making our nest.
Our friends became family
And have numerous new family.

Despite the interruption of people who used to be family,
With the help of new family
We can sing again.

The first day we came to sing again
Tears did not stop.

We wanted to sing again and make songs.
Now we can meet family only on stages, (note: not on tv)
But we are doing real love as our heart leads.

Now we know.
Only those who love people and trust people
Can dream a dream and have hope.

My family is filled with love and trust,
And our story will continue.

Will you listen to our stories forever?

Translation Credit: @jyjlove1111
Shared by: JYJ3



I know it’s not fair because I never heard something from Yunho and Changmin, even from SM Ent.

I know it’s hard for five of them. It hurts too much. I know.

But, whatever they said, I believe five of them. I believe that they love each other. They are a family and it will last forever, no matter what.

TVXQ ♛ Cassiopeia

pictures and videos are credit to the rightful owner

ask me anything here, @neys_jc



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