2011 – 2012

My family and my best friends… Really glad to have you with me in 2011. I still hope to have you in 2012 and throughout the coming years. I wish you love, happiness, peace, health, success and cheer. I hope you’ll be exactly what you really want to be, which is the best way for you from God. May all your dreams come true in this year. And I’m sorry if I ever do wrong to you. Then, thanks for forgiving me. For special person only, who means a lot to me, who deserves the very best. You’re special for me, especially for God. Hugs and Kisses from me, neys!

For someone I love… I still don’t know how to tell that I still love you even my love become so impossible. When I first met you, I honestly didn’t know you were gonna be this important to me. The hardest part is seeing you, the one I love with the one you love. I can’t pick who I love and even though I know I shouldn’t love you, sometimes I do & always will. Truly, I would stop it from falling in love with you if I could control my heart. I miss you so many times, and I wonder… Have you ever miss me and think about me even just a second? For now, I’m going to try to forget about you as difficult as it may be because almost everything reminds me of you. Sometimes, we have to let go of something that once meant the world to us, not because we want to, but because we have to. Thank you for everything. You makes my 2011 became so unforgettable because that one reasonable event.

For you all whose were in my 2011. Thanks for give me such an unforgettable kind of memories. Each of you has your own mark in me. I’ll never want to forget all of you, but if someday I’m forgot, please remind me. Believe me, I’ll try hard to remember you again. Once again, thank you so much. And I’m sorry for whose I ever do wrong to. I really didn’t expect to do the things like that.

The last… For I don’t know who, who will be in my 2012. It’s my pleasure to welcome all of you. Here I am, will accept you. I wonder how my life will be in 2012 and I guess it will be wonderful to know and make relationship with more people than before. I will have more friends, and it mean I will have more experience too. And I’m really excited!

Many things happened in 2011. Happy and sad, up and down, get and lost, win and lose, meet and leave, fall in love and broken heart and many more. For all that, I’m thank God. Thank You for always beside me, Jesus. Oh my Lord, please forgive me. I know I did so many mistakes but I know too that You always forgiving without asking. Because Your love is bigger than anything, You always hug me tight when no one know that I’m not okay. You wipe away my tears when I have nobody to share with. Simply, You always there. Never leave me even just one second. I love You, Jesus Christ.

In 2011. Many things I’ve done and many things I haven’t been done. I have lots of memories. I have best family, best friends and best job. I took miracles, grace and so much more things. For all that, I’m thank God. For 2012. I hope that I’ll become a better person, better in every things I do. Then, do the good things I want to, which are I never have done before. I’ll keep learning day by day. Then for sure, I’ll still being myself. With this spirit, I’m ready for a new beginning.

2011 has ended and I’m not afraid to face 2012. With God, no need to worry. No matter what will happen in this 2012, I will survive and strong because I have a great God. I put myself and my whole life in You. Even many things I want to do and many things I want to happen in 2012, let only Your will be done in me. Because You know what’s the best for me more than anyone else.

Last words, All of you are extraordinary! Happy New Year! May God always be with us! I love you all! ^_^


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